The Path to Royal Arch Masonry

The Royal Arch is a very special order in Freemasonry, one which we hope all Master Mason will wish to join.

In each of the first three degrees of Freemasonry, the candidate expresses a desire for light. But once he has been raised, we tend to leave him to his own devices. Those true seekers will find the Royal Arch degrees to be the best “first step” on the path to more light in Masonry.

The four Royal Arch degrees are intimately related to the first three degrees in Masonry. They detail the story of the completion, dedication, destruction, and rebuilding of King Solomon’s Temple including the recovery of the lost secrets. The Royal Arch Degree completes the Blue Lodge Mason’s instruction and prepares him for a lifetime of seeking light.

HRAM CraftCraft masonry gives us a sound and moral and spiritual framework which exhorts us to improve our relationships with those around us and to practice our three grand principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. The Craft Degrees use the temple building, its architecture and aspects of operative masonry as the framework for the teaching of this moral code and to encourage us to commence building a spiritual temple in our hearts. Finally, we are exhorted to discover more about ourselves.

The Royal Arch takes this further and makes all that has been presented in the craft complete and perfect in a beautiful and inspiring ceremony. The language, symbolism and teachings of the Exaltation ceremony, (the admission of a new Royal Arch mason), are profound, colorful and spiritual and considerably enrich all that has gone before in the craft. There is a very different, mystical atmosphere in a Royal Arch Chapter.

The Royal Arch is very closely aligned with the Craft and is the “next step” for Master Masons and the culmination of pure and ancient masonry. Progress through the Royal Arch completes an individual’s journey through Freemasonry. It also opens the doors to becoming a member of a few additional degrees and orders.

Master Masons are, therefore, actively encouraged to become members of the Royal Arch to further develop and enrich their understanding of Freemasonry.

Membership Requirements

All applicants looking to join King Cyrus Grand Chapter, Holy Royal Arch Masons must meet/complete the following requirements:

  • Be a Master Mason in good standing in the MWPHGL of VA
  • Submit a petition to the chapter you’re seeking to join, along with the required fees
  • Be recommended by two companions from the chapter you’re petitioning